ALL CLEAR: Nearby police activity has concluded. Campus has reopened.

Welcome to the Office of Planning and Research at South Seattle College (OPR)

Our office supports the campus community, executive leadership team, and our constituents with data analysis, research, assessment, and planning that will support in the College's commitment to student success and institutional excellence.

The Office of Planning and Research:

  • Expands the College’s impact through effective, deliberate and supported strategic planning activities and initiatives.
  • Delivers rigorous and responsive analyses of data requests to support institutional and program decision-making.
  • Coordinates systematic assessment of instructional and operational performance relative to the College's mission and priorities.
  • Provides support to accreditation and other compliance and improvement processes.
  • Offers professional development training that supports the use of data, research, evaluation and assessment to continuously improve. 

For research / data requests and support, please email Cynthia Requa, Senior Research Analyst, at In your request, please be as specific as possible regarding your request needs.