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WiFi access is provided to support the missions of Seattle Colleges.  You can logout and close your mobile device connection to SCWiFi, or you can manually log off / log on to the network directly on this page.


Use of SCWiFi indicates that you accept the terms and conditions of use and understand that this use is subject to relevant college policies, state codes and federal laws, including:

Seattle College District Policy, Number 259:Use of Electronic Information Resources

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) compilation of all permanent Washington state laws

Copyright Infringements: Be aware that downloading copyrighted materials such as movies, music, and software in violation of copyright, may result in prosecution and associated penalties.Seattle Colleges is required by Federal law to provide relevant information as requested by a copyright holder for violations of copyright as defined under the DMCA TITLE II: ONLINE COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT LIABILITY LIMITATIONS ACT.

Network traffic is monitored only to ensure proper network functionality and only in specific cases, when required by law. Violation of appropriate use could result in loss of network privileges, and staff misuse can lead to monetary fines and/or disciplinary actions per state and college policies.