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Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science involves the study of computer programming and human interaction. Students in the Computer Science program will learn programming, software and computer systems as well as focusing on theories of how people interact with these technologies.

Careers in Computer Science!

Career options include:

  • • Programmer
  • • Software Engineer
  • • Software Designer
  • • Management


Computer Science students take many of the same courses as Engineering students. Heavily focused on mathematics, physics, and computer programming, students may need the Associate of Arts or the Associate of Science - Track 2 degree. Since requirements at four-year universities vary, students should work closely with an advisor to plan their courses.

Degree Information

Students typically earn the Associate of Science - Track 2 Degree to complete the prerequisites courses needed for transfer.

Associate of Science - Track 2 Degree

Computer Science Faculty

Learn more about our faculty and how to contact them on the faculty page.