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Communication is the study of how humans interact with each other. Communications includes all the different ways we share messages: nonverbal, oral, through the media, online, in romantic relationships, in our families, in groups, and between people from different cultures.

Careers in Communications!

Career options include:

  • • Marketing
  • • Communications
  • • Public Relations
  • • Speech Writing
  • • Social Media Specialist


The Communications courses at South prepare you to transfer to a four-year university to continue your study of Communication. We offer classes in-person, both day and night, as well as online. Some of our most popular courses include "Introduction to Communication", "Public Speaking", and "Online Communication". Many of the degrees at South require at least one Communication course. Please check your specific degree requirements. Communication classes are also available to fulfill general education requirements and for personal enrichment.

Degree Information

To major in Communications at a four-year university, most students at South select the Associate of Arts degree.

Associate of Arts Degree

Communications Faculty

Learn more about our faculty and how to contact them on the faculty page.