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Chemistry is the study of matter and energy. Students who major in Chemistry can obtain entry-level positions with a four year degree or prepare for advanced education in the field of Chemistry, Education, Medicine, Pharmacy, and other health and science-related fields.

Careers in Chemistry!

Career options include:

  • • Research Scientist
  • • Product Testing/Analysis
  • • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • • Teaching


Students will complete the first two years of college-level Chemistry lab courses. They will gain extensive laboratory and problem-solving experience that will prepare them to become a scientist.

South offers several different Chemistry series including Introduction to Chemistry, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Many of the Chemistry courses have a math prerequisite so please work with an advisor to plan your classes.

Programs of Study

Degree Information

Students wishing to major in Chemistry at a four-year university typically choose the Associate of Science - Track 1 Degree

Associate of Science - Track 1 Degree

Chemistry Faculty

Learn more about our faculty and how to contact them on the faculty page.