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The scientific study of the individual celestial bodies and of the universe as a whole, including life in the universe. Its various branches include measuring distances, motions of objects in space, cosmology and astrophysics. Students studying Astronomy can prepare for government and private-sector work, as well as careers in Education and Research and Public Service.

Careers in Astronomy!

Career options include:

  • • Researcher
  • • Teacher
  • • Observational Astronomer
  • • Museum Guide


South offers the first two years of general education needed for a four-year degree in Astronomy. Students can also take Astronomy courses to fulfill general educational requirements, for personal enrichment, or to prepare for future study in this field.

Students wishing to pursue a major in Astronomy at a four-year university will often take coursework in Physics. Students should work closely with an advisor to decide the appropriate degree and coursework for their transfer goals.

Degree Information

Most of the Astronomy and Physics coursework is a part of the Associate of Science - Track 2 Degree. Please work closely iwth an advisor to plan your course of study.

Associate of Science - Track 2 Degree

Astronomy Faculty

Learn more about our faculty and how to contact them on the faculty page.