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Students painting

Love to draw, paint, create with photoshop? Are you driven by your creativity and want to expand your skills and abilities? The Art program at South offers courses in Computer Art, Painting, Drawing, Pottery, Ceramics, and several other disciplines. Our instructors are compassionate, talented artists who are eager to help you improve each and every day.

The mission of the Art Department is to promote the highest quality of art education for all students. The art curriculum provides a wide variety of courses, ideas, materials and media. Students are exposed to historic and contemporary approaches to art and art making.

Careers in Art!

Career options include:

  • • Museum Management
  • • Gallery Management
  • • Art Administrator
  • • Graphic Design
  • • Studio Artists
  • • Pottery and Ceramic Artists
  • • Art Therapy and Medical Illustration
  • • Commercial and Industrial Designers
  • • Web Design, Game Design, and Animation
  • • Photography


South's Art courses include Art Appreciation, Design, Drawing, Photography as an Art, Painting, Watercolor Painting, Digital and Graphic Art, Art on the Tablet, Sculpture, Pottery and Ceramic Art and Special Problems in Art. We provide introduction to the practice of art for all students as well as training for emerging artists. Introductory and Advanced coursework enables students to explore their creative potential, engage in artistic production, develop problem solving skills and gain visual literacy. We have classroom labs for Ceramics, Pottery and Sculpture, classroom labs for Graphic and Digital Art, and a Photography lab and dark room, as well as a Drawing and Painting studio.

Degree Information

Students planning to become Art Majors at a four-year university should complete the Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree. Please use the 30 credits of elective as well as the 15 credits of VLPA courses to complete required or recommended courses at your intended transfer destination. Our students have continued their studies at four year universities and colleges locally, nationally and internationally.

Associate of Arts Degree

Art Faculty

Learn more about our faculty and how to contact them on the faculty page.