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The internship program at South Seattle College is designed to apply classroom learning in a work environment to aid in career placement. The internship is individualized to match your needs and skills and can be used to gain academic credits and/or experience in the field.

Developing an Internship

  • Utilize the Career Hub
  • Begin planning your internship one quarter or 3 months before you would like to begin internship hours
  • Discuss academic and professional goals
  • Talk about funding sources
  • Determine timeline for internship beginning and end
  • Explore potential internship sites
  • Choose an Instructor to guide the internship process to offer input about internship sites, academic goals, and work-related skills and experiences
  • Create or update a resume to specific jobs
  • Connect past experiences with future career goals

Internship: Start to Finish

  • Review the Training Agreement and Learning Outcomes form.
  • Embedded Career Specialist and Faculty Mentor can offer guidance on how to write Learning Outcomes
  • This agreement helps create an intentional internship experience and communicates your expectations prior to starting
  • Must complete this step and submit paperwork before you can register for internship credit
  • Embedded Career Specialist will approve your internship credits and help you enroll in the internship course.
  • Track your hours on your Timesheet
  • Schedule should be determined with your Site Supervisor before the internship begins and will be different for each student
  • Should occur halfway through internship hours
  • Embedded Career Specialist will remind both you and your Faculty Mentor about the meeting via phone or email
  • Your Faculty Mentor will also touch base with your Site Supervisor at this point
  • Schedule the Exit Interview within the last two weeks of the internship
  • Give Site Supervisor an Employer Evaluation to complete BEFORE the Exit Interview so that you can use it to discuss your performance
  • The Exit Interview should take place within the last two weeks of the internship
  • Bring completed Timesheet to Exit Interview for Site Supervisor to approve and sign
  • Use the Employer Evaluation form to discuss your strengths and areas for growth
  • Thank your Site Supervisor for their feedback and time
  • Discussion should take place during the last two weeks of the quarter
  • Self-Evaluation should compare your desired Learning Outcomes with what you actually learned and what you gained from the internship experience
  • After the discussion, your Faculty Mentor should then approve and sign the Self-Evaluation
  • Timesheet and Self-Evaluation should be submitted during the last week of the quarter
  • Grades will be available within two weeks of the last day of the quarter
  • Please send your Site Supervisor a letter or card of appreciation


Robert Smith Building
(RSB 79)


Monday - Friday:
8:00 am to 4:30 pm

(Closed all major holidays)



Georgetown Campus

6737 Corson Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98108
Building B Room 124


Monday -  Thursday:

11:00 am to 3:00 pm

(Closed all major holidays)



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