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Procedure for Awarding Military Credit at South Seattle College

As a Veteran Supportive Campus and required by RCW 28B.10.057, South Seattle College (SSC) awards academic credit for military training.  The awarding of academic credit for military training is intended to be used towards the student’s certificate or degree requirements.    

The student must be officially enrolled at South Seattle College and have successfully completed any military training course or program as part of their military service that is:

  1. Recommended for credit by a national higher education association that provides credit recommendations for military training courses and programs;
  2. Included in the individual's military transcript issued by any branch of the armed services; or
  3. Other documented military training or experience.

Enrolled students who are veterans of any branch of the United States Military Services may request credit for military training in two forms. If you are using a chapter of the GI Bill, you must provide a Joint Services Transcript for evaluation.

  1. Transcript Evaluation – listed below are the steps and documents you will need to request for South Seattle College to process a transcript evaluation request of your military training.   
  2. Step 1: If you do not have an official copy of your military training transcript, please request one through the following:

    1. For service members and veterans of the U.S. Army we’ll need a Joint Services Transcript (JST)
    2. For service members and veterans of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, we’ll need a Joint Services Transcript (JST)
    3. For service members and veterans of the U.S. Air Force, we’ll need a transcript from Air University (formerly the Community College of the Air Force)
    4. For service members and veterans of the U.S. Coast Guard, we’ll need a Joint Services Transcript (JST)
    5. For service members who left the military before 1986, the College can apply credit from a notarized DD 214 form

Step 2:  Complete transcript evaluation request form and submit to South Seattle College along with your official military training transcript, 6000 16th Avenue SW, Attn:  Evaluations Office RSB-045, Seattle, WA 98106.  The request can be printed from our website

  1. Credit for Non-Traditional LearningStudents with military training can also pursue credit attainment through other methods of approved prior learning assessment (credit by exam, portfolio, etc.).  Please contact your individual department for guidance and further information.  


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