Apply to Your Selected Colleges & Universities

Once you have decided which colleges and/or Universities to apply to, gather everything you will need to apply. Go to each individual school’s website and check Transfer Admission Requirements. These usually include:

  • Completed application, either an online application or a printed one
  • Official transcripts from all schools you have attended
  • Personal Statement and/or Letters of Recommendation, writing sample, creative portfolio
  • Payment of application fee
  • Major or Departmental Requirements (while still at South Seattle College, meet with your advisor to make sure you have all the classes you need to transfer!)
  • If you are applying to multiple colleges and/or universities, keep a separate folder for each school you apply to.
  • Check the Financial Aid page on each institution's website for possible scholarships. Pay close attention to scholarship deadlines.
  • Remember: Your application is not complete until you have paid the application fee! If you cannot afford the application fee, be sure to ask the university if they have a waiver.

Letters of Recommendation

Many colleges require letters of recommendation as part of your application. These should come from a faculty member, advisor/counselor, or staff member who knows you very well.

Request these at least three weeks in advance and provide all needed information and forms to whomever you ask.

Always say “Thank You”!

Personal Statements

Your application may include transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation, and a resume. The personal statement is your chance to tell your story!

Make sure to include any obstacles you and/or your family have overcome, and important details that will help explain your transcript to them. This is a chance for you to show them how awesome you are! Make sure you tell them about your background, goals/dreams, and what you are doing to reach those goals/dreams.

Some of the common questions asked include:

  • Describe a challenge in your life and how you have overcome that challenge.
  • Tell us about your hero. How has this person shaped who you are today?
  • How would you define diversity? And, how would you bring diversity to our college campus?
  • Topic of your choice: you can write on anything you want to!

Remember to focus on yourself. They want to know about YOU, not someone else!

Challenges When Writing the Personal Statement

Give yourself enough time! Sometimes students will try to write their personal essay the night before it is due. You should start your essay several weeks in advance, to give yourself time to think about it, edit, and ask for suggestions from someone else.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your talents and hard work! Many students have trouble talking about themselves. It is very important that you are able to explain why they should pick you over all the other applicants.

Support your statements! Back up your claims with examples, stories, and details so that the reader feels that your essay is authentic. Make your statements interesting to read.

Edit, edit, edit! Don’t let the reader be distracted by spelling errors and grammar mistakes. They want to read a clean copy without any errors. Make sure you proof read your essay and ask others to proof read it.

Stay organized! Sometimes, students have a tendency to add details that are not needed to their essay. Make sure that every detail in your essay is needed to make your main point and that you tell your story in an order that makes sense.

Follow directions! Student sometimes forget to read all of the directions or read them carefully. Please make sure you are answering the correct question, using the right amount of words, and following any other guidelines.


You may need to apply to both the college/university AND your major (especially in competitive majors). Check all deadlines before starting.

Most schools want you to submit online applications. If you can, print out a paper copy for practice. Keep a copy of all of your unofficial transcripts nearby while you are working on the application.

Before hitting the “send” button, proofread everything and then proofread it again!

Remember, an application is not complete until you have paid the application fee!


Every application will need an official transcripts from EVERY college/university you have ever attended.

Worried about sending a transcript that shows lower grades? Write about that in your personal statement! How did you change after that experience? Why are you a stronger student now?

For South transcripts:


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