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PROGRAM NAME: Buckland-SCCD Teach in China Program

PROGRAM DATES: February & September start dates

APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 15 for September start date and December 15 for February start date.

PROGRAM FOCUS: English as a Second Language Training, Chinese Culture and Language.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Seattle Community Colleges have established an agreement with Buckland International Education Group in China to allow community college students without Bachelor’s degrees or Teaching ESL credentials to have a paid teaching experience in China. Contracts are for 4.5 months (semester). Teaching takes place throughout China in public elementary, junior high and senior high schools. Initial Expenses required.

Teaching Expectations

  • 15 hrs week in classroom, Mon-Fri generally 20 teaching periods x 45 min lessons (note: these are your “contact hours” with your classes and does not include time to do lesson planning and follow up/correcting of class assignments)
  • English Corner, conversation practice for 2 additional hours/week
  • Any additional instruction is paid at 100 yuan/hour (approx. $16)

Buckland Provides the Following Compensation

  • 4,000 yuan month ($632; may be higher if applicant has a Bachelor’s degree or TESL credentials)
  • Paid airfare/travel from Seattle to Guilin or Option 2: 4,000 yuan airfare stipend at completion of semester ($632)
  • Fully furnished apartment and 200 yuan ($32) toward utilities, usually adequate
  • Paid national holidays; up to 15 paid sick days with doctor’s letter
  • Bicycle usage
  • Chinese lessons once/week

Living Situation

  • Private apartment or with one roommate (another foreign teacher, same sex)
  • 200 yuan stipend toward utilities ($32; usually covers)
  • Apartment includes basic furniture, bedding, washing machine, internet access, TV, air conditioner, kitchen basics (fridge, microwave, hot plate, pots/pans, utensils)
  • Meals are usually available at school for minimal cost

For more information:


WWB 221


Monday - Friday:
9:30 am to 4:30 pm