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In order to participate in South Seattle Community College's study abroad programs:

  • You need to have completed at least one quarter at SSCC.
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 or better.
  • At least 17 years old (18 for some programs)
  • You must have a valid passport to travel outside of the U.S.

Additional Recommendations:

  • We ask students to disclose any need for accommodation (physical, psychological, and/or academic).
  • Students should be 18 years and older. (Please see the study abroad advisor if you are younger.)

Academic Expectations:

Study abroad means just that - study while living abroad. While SSCC wants you to take advantage of your international experience and have fun, please keep in mind that the programs are academic! For most programs, students are required to take 15 credits during their study abroad program. We expect you to attend classes, do homework and take tests just as if you were on campus. All grades are reported to the registrar and calculated into your overall GPA, whether they count toward graduation or not.

How to Apply

Start by meeting with the SSCC study abroad coordinator to learn more about the program you intend to join and ask any questions you may have. The study abroad office is located at UNI 103A and drop in hours are available, or stop by the International Programs office at RSB 11 for more information. The study abroad coordinator will discuss with you the application process for your individual program and scholarship options. Some programs require applying through the individual program while others require SSCC a study abroad application. Almost all applications require recommendations, application fees, and a personal essay. To set up and appointment email or call 206-934-5371.


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