Resources and Help

The following campus resources are available for you.

RSB Information Desk
Appointment Line:  206-934-5387
Certified counselors for personal and academic advising.

Disability Support Services
RSB 12, Contact: 206-934-5137
Academic support, community resources and physical accommodations for eligible students.

Joe Barrientos, Ombudsman
Dean of Student Life
4JMB135, Contact: 206-934-6749
Guidance and advice for all students.

United Student Association – Student Issues and Concerns Chair
JMB 131, Contact: 206-934-6752

TRiO Student Success Services
RSB 67, Contact: 206-934-5326
Support services for students who are first generation, low-income, and/or learning or physically disabled.

Greg Dempsey, Dean of Enrollment Services and Campus Complaints Officer
RSB043, Contact 206-934-5378
Conference moderator for formal complaint process.

How can I prepare for this process?

  • Stay with “I” statements and prepare an outline of your concerns prior to your meeting.
  • Present the facts of the situation.
  • Provide supporting documents when appropriate; for example, syllabus, tests, test scores, sample computation of your grade.
  • Schedule an appointment with the person you have a concern with rather than just dropping by.
  • Communicate with the person in a respectful and thoughtful way.

Where can I learn more?
Seattle College District Policy
Student Complaint Reporting Form

SSC Complaints Officer
Greg Dempsey
Dean of Enrollment Services
Registration Department, Robert Smith Building
Appointments:  206-934-5144