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Grade Complaints

Student complaints regarding grades received for course work can be filed using the informal or formal complaint procedure.  A student may use the formal procedure only once the final grade has been received in a course, but that complaint may include any or all of the entire component of that final grade.

  1. Grade complaints must be directed at or include the instructor who issued the grade.
  2. A formal grade complaint must be filed no later than the last day of the quarter, which follows the quarter for which the disputed grade was received except a complaint regarding a spring quarter grade may be filed through the last day of the following fall quarter.
  3. The formal grade complaint should specify the grade that is being challenged and include copies of relevant documents. 
  4. The response on behalf of the instructor should include, to the extent feasible, the applicable evaluation criteria, copies of the course syllabus and relevant grading records and the faculty member’s explanation for the grade.
  5. Evaluation of course mastery is exclusively within the province of the instructor of a particular course.  As such, a grade change may be initiated only by that instructor. 
  6. However, the Vice President of Instruction can ultimately review a formal grade complaint.  Should he/she find that the grade was issued for an improper reason, that Vice President may change the grade in the records of the College.