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United Student Associatation meeting

2016-17 Student government team

United Student Associatation meeting

Out-going and in-coming USA members, June 2016

Member Roster

Jacqueline Zhang

Ryan Lonergan

Language: English
Club: SeAA
Major: Business

Making music, playing sport, and hiking

Ha Truong

Yousuf Dirie

Languages: English and Somali
Club: Black Student Union
Major: Biology

Hobbies: Drawing, working on bikes, photography, running, tinkering

Amelia Nguyen
Issues and Concerns Officer

Languages: English, Vietnamese
Major: Nursing
Club: Southeast Asian Association

Hobbies: Cooking, playing piano, and traveling

Kendall Walker

Tyler Yamashita

Language: English
Club: Martial Arts
Major: Business/Law

Hobbies: Crew, Kendo, and playing piano

Nicole Harris

Van (Vanessa) Le
Public Relations Officer

Languages: English, Vietnamese
Clubs: SeAA, Martial Arts
Major: Interactive Media Design

Anime, volunteering, designing, drawing, and adventures

Jaden Phan

Rifka Bahaman
Communications Officer

Languages: English, Tamil, Sinhalese
Major: Business Management

Hobbies: Reading, painting, and drawing

Jaden Phan

Ahky Ho
Social Activities Officer

Languages: English, Vietnamese
Clubs: Queer Straight Alliance, SeAA, Latino Unidosa
Major: Human Resources

Hobbies: Travelling, YouTube, TV shows
Monica Lundberg Monica Lundberg
Program Manager, Student Government & PTK advisor


USA Mission Statement

The members of the United Student Association (USA) are committed to nurturing our community by fostering a comfortable and supportive environment. We advocate for the needs and interests of the diverse student body at South Seattle College. We strive to accomplish this commitment by promoting and encouraging self-development, community involvement, and culture sensitivity.

The USA Constitution and Bylaws describe student government positions and responsibilities in detail.


Share your concerns at our open meetings every Tuesday at 1:30pm in JMB 128. You are welcome to attend!


Report to the Board of Trustees

Student Government

United Student Associatation meeting

United Student Associatation meeting

The United Student Association, USA, is the official student government of South. This body consists of elected officers who represent student concerns to the college administration.

Conference Reflections

United Student Associatation Officers

LEAD – Leadership and Activity Institute September 2014 in Wenatchee Read conference reflections

Legislative Voice Academy Reflection November 2014

Social Media

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Senator Patty Murray

May 2012, South student Leaders advocating to Keep College Affordable with Senator Patty Murray visiting campus.
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Be an informed VOTER!  See a directory of elected representatives in King County.

Contact Us

For more info, contact:

Rifka Bahaman-

Office Location: JMB 119
Phone: (206) 934-6752

Visit on us FB:    United Student Association - SSC's Student Government


Jerry Brockey Student Center
(JMB 135/119) Student Leadership


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