What are Services & Activities (S & A) Fees?

Services and Activities Fees are quarterly fees that certain students pay as a part of their tuition/registration fees. Students exempt from paying the Services and Activities Fees are those registered for fewer than 4 credits or are enrolled in ABE/ESL (below 090), Apprenticeship Programs, GED, International Programs, Running Start, or University Center courses and programs.

S & A Fee Board

The purpose of the S & A Fee Board

  • Monitor S & A fee allocated funds/departmental expenditures throughout the academic year
  • Allocate S & A fee monies on an annual basis
  • Develop and maintain long term fiscal plans for S & A Fee Carry Forward/Savings
  • Develop guidelines and address issues related to S & A Fees.

Joseph Barrientos S&A Fee Board Advisor
Romy Ho     S&A Fee Board Treasurer
Kenneth Cohea S&A Fee Board Chairperson
Charles Hill S&A Fee Board USA

Amina Sheikh S&A Fee Board Communications Director 
Putheorothsopor Tan S&A Fee Board USA Treasurer 
Sawsen Mohammed S&A Fee Board Clubs Representative
Vane Khouansysombath S&A Fee Board Clubs Representative

The Mission of the S & A Fee Board

  • Be forward thinking on long term service and activities initiatives that benefit SSCC students.
  • Ensure the responsible and conscientious use of monies dedicated to the educational opportunities of Service and Activity fee paying students.
  • Encourage the involvement of students in their own fiscal governance and in the development and maintenance of programs, services, and activities relevant to them.
  • Foster a collaborative atmosphere between students and college administration and departments for the equitable and responsible allocation of S & A Fee monies.

S & A Fee Board Members

Established in 2006 to be in line with RCW 28B.15.045, S & A Fee Board Membership includes representatives from USA, Student Clubs and Students at Large.

Joseph Barrientos 
S&A Fee Board Advisor 
Dean, Diversity, Retention and Student Life 

Cessa Heard-Johnson

RCW 28B.15.044

Responsibility for proposing to the administration and the governing board program priorities and budget levels for that portion of program budgets that derive from services and activities fees shall reside with a services and activities fee committee, on which students shall hold at least a majority of the voting memberships, such student members shall represent diverse student interests, and shall be recommended by the student government association or its equivalent.

The chairperson of the services and activities fee committee shall be selected by the members of that committee.

The governing board shall insure that the services and activities fee committee provides an opportunity for all viewpoints to be heard at a public meeting during its consideration of the funding of student programs and activities.



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