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The Student Activities & Programs Mission

SAP is the premiere programming board at SSC. We provide entertaining, educational, and cultural experiences for our community- the SSC students, faculty, and staff. By serving as event advocates, we strive to create opportunities of feedback to make our programs more inclusive and accessible to all those we serve.

Our 16-17 Goals

  1. Continue to brand SAP by more frequently spreading knowledge to students and staff about what we do and who we serve.
  2. Plan more educational events that might warrant collaboration with faculty members and strengthen relationships with academic departments.
  3. Market open meetings and encourage students to participate so they can openly and honestly voice their event ideas and needs.

Spring 2017 Meetings

1-2 PM, Thursdays @ JMB128
(Meetings are OPEN! If you have program ideas, please come and share them!)

Memorable Programs & Events

  • Bite of South
  • ASL Workshop
  • Outstanding Student Awards
  • Cultural Exhibition
  • Trivia Night

The 16-17 Team

Duy (Ben) Duong, SAP Rep
Duy (Ben) Duong, SAP Rep

MyLinh Phan, SAP Rep
MyLinh Phan, SAP Rep

Eden Tullis, SAP Advisor
Eden Tullis, SAP Advisor


Jerry Brockey Student Center
(JMB 135) Down the hall from the bookstore


Monday - Friday:

8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Also see Operating Hours