South’s Student Assessment Services is currently NOT administering the TEAS test

  • You may take the TEAS test at other testing sites.
  • When creating your account, select South Seattle College if you plan on attending South’s Nursing program. In the drop-down menu, choose either "South Seattle C  ADN" for the Associates Degree Nursing program or "South Seattle C PN" for the LPN program. 
  • The test cost may vary as each site sets their own test proctoring fee.

The parts of the test are:

Subtest Time Allowed Number of Questions
Reading 58 minutes 48
Mathematics 51 minutes 34
Science 66 minutes 54
English & Language Usage 34 minutes 34


Robert Smith Building
(RSB 76)

Testing Hours:

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Office Hours:

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Monday - Friday:
7:30 am to 4 pm