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Admissions Application

Thank you for your interest in South Seattle Community College!

Before You Begin

Students SHOULD NOT use this application if you are interested in any of the following programs.

Who may apply to South? Those students who:

  • are at least 18 years of age or
  • have graduated from high school or are a high school senior and expect to enroll for the next academic year
  • plan to take classes for college credit
  • have a General Education Development (GED) certificate

Please Note: Admission to SSCC does not guarantee acceptance into certain professional/technical programs that have additional requirements. Some programs require specific scores on the COMPASS placement test. (Learn more about COMPASS placement.)

Start Your Application

To begin the application process, please use our Online Application. Student Computer Kiosks are also available in the Robert Smith Building near the Registration Department. See campus map. You will usually receive a response in 1-2 business days. Your response will include your Student Identification Number and details on your next steps.

Paper versions of the Admissions Application are available upon request by contacting the Student Outreach, Admissions, & Recruitment Office. Please note that approval and mailing processing time can take up to 7 business days, so we highly encourage doing the Online Application or completing the application in-person at a Kiosk near the Registration Department.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Q: I just applied. Why didn’t I get an immediate response?
    A: The Student Outreach, Admissions, and Recruitment department processes the applications as they are received, so you should receive a response in 1-2 Business days. Since we send the responses to your email address, the email can sometimes get filtered into your junk mail, so make sure to look there first. Otherwise, if you have not received a response within 2 days, feel free to contact the Student Outreach, Admissions, and Recruitment department for details.
  • 2. Q: I received my Student Identification Number and know my Pin, but the website won’t let me register. Why can’t I register for classes?
    A: All first time South Seattle Community College students are required to meet with an advisor before they can register. If you do not plan to graduate from South Seattle Community College, contact an advisor to confirm that you have the required pre-requisites for your intended class. You will need to provide your Student ID number, the Item Number of the class you would like to take, and your
  • 3. Q: I only want to take 1 or two classes to transfer somewhere else. Do I still need to fill an application out?
    A: Yes. All new students to South Seattle Community College should fill out an application unless you are working with a program with a separate Admissions procedure.
  • 4. Q: I do not have a Social Security Number. What do I put in the application?
    A: Although a Social Security Number is not required to apply, we encourage that if you have one, to use it. If you do not have one, leave the Social Security Number space blank. Also, find out if you are eligible for HB1079 resident tuition. If eligible, follow-up with our Registration Department for next steps. If not eligible, mark the appropriate residency information.

Additional Questions

Department: Student Outreach, Admissions, & Recruitment
Phone: (206) 934-7943