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Unofficial and Official Transcripts and Ordering

Before Ordering Official Transcripts

  • Confirm that your most recent grades and/or degree have been posted. You may check your records by viewing your unofficial transcript.
  • Clear any financial holds and outstanding bills so your transcript request can be fulfilled without delay.
  • Allow at least 72 hours for processing upon receipt of your completed form. Transcript requests received during peak times (end of quarter) will be processed within 7 business days following receipt of your request form.
  • For fulfillment within one business day, take advantage of expedited transcript processing when ordering in person.
  • Regrettably we do not accept transcript orders by telephone.

Unofficial Transcripts

Transcript Fees

  • $7.50 per transcript when ordered in-person, by mail, fax or by email.
  • $9.75 per transcript when ordered online through the National Student Clearinghouse.
  • $15.00 per expedited transcript.

Transcript Ordering Options

Order Online

  • The National Student Clearinghouse is the authorized processing agent for the Seattle Community College District for transcripts ordered online.
  • National Student Clearinghouse transcripts cost $9.75 per transcript. Fees must be paid with a credit card.
  • Order multiple transcripts, 24 hours a day and receive tracking notification by email or text alerts.
  • Priority processing is given to those transcripts ordered through the Clearinghouse.

Order by Email, Fax, or Mail

  • Carefully, and fully fill out a Transcript Request/Credit Card Payment Form. Incomplete, unsigned forms, and forms with electronic signatures will prevent processing.
  • Transcript orders may be mailed to: SSC – Registration, 6000 16thth Ave SW RSB 40, Seattle, WA  98106
  • Faxed transcript orders may be sent to: 206.934.7947.
  • Emailed requests may be sent to:

Order in Person

  • Place your order in person at the Registration Office located in the Robert Smith Building.
  • In person orders may be made and paid for at the Cashier’s window located next to Registration.  Cash, check, money order, debit or credit card payments are accepted. 

Expedited Transcript Fulfillment

  • You may request the fulfillment be expedited only when requesting your transcript in person. Expedited orders received before noon will be available for pick-up by 4:00 PM the same day, while those received after noon will be available by 9:00 AM the next business day.
  • Expedited service may be unavailable during some heavy registration and grading days during the term – call 206.934.7938 to see if this applies.

 Transcript Delivery

  • Transcripts are printed and placed in a sealed envelope. 
  • Transcripts may be picked up in person or mailed using US Postal mail to any US or international address.
  • Contact the Center for International Education at 206.934.5360 to arrange for international rush delivery.  This will incur an added cost.
  • Regrettably we do not fax or electronically transmit transcripts except between a limited number of Washington state colleges and universities.

Transcript Pick Up

Transcripts may be picked-up, after processing, in the Registration Office of the Robert Smith Building. Authorize Alternate Person to Pick Up Transcripts
  • You may authorize an alternate person to pick up your transcript(s) by including the following information on your Transcript Request Form, or on a separate, signed note, included with your order, or carried by the person who is picking up the transcript(s).
  • Include the following in your request letter:
    1. Your names
    2. Your student identification number;
    3. The full name of the person designated to pick up the transcript;
    4. The number of transcript copies they are authorized to pick up;
    5. Your signature.
  • The person picking up the transcript(s) will need to present their government issued photo identification to the office representative.

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