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  • Upload your Resume to the Job Board for employers to see. Need resume help? See the calendar for dates when Resume Workshops are offered.
  • Internships can be used as credit toward an academic degree, give you skills and experiences to add to your resume, help you network, explore different careers,  and often lead to jobs!  Drop by the worksource office or call 206-934-5328 to meet with an Embedded Career Specialist and get started on your internship.
Word of the WeekEducational Plan - An educational plan is a road map toward a college degree and an outline of the coursework required to complete an educational goal/program of study. Working with an advisor, students develop an educational plan using degree planning sheets. This plan takes into consideration factors such as course sequences, personal timelines and four-year admission and transfer major deadlines and requirements.

Fall 2014 – Week 11:  Stay Connected Through Break

Stay Connected Through Break! This is a time to relax but also prepare for the next quarter or the next steps in your career pathway. Use the break to write out your resume or gather your books for your classes.

  • The college campus will be open during break except for holiday closures on 12/24, 12/25 and 1/1. Departments and offices may be open limited hours during the break, please call ahead for hours.
  • Winter quarter starts on January 5, 2015. Need to sign-up for classes next quarter? It’s not too late, enroll today!
  • Get your funding ready for next year, the 2015-2016 FAFSA will be available January 1, 2015!
  • Tweet us about your plans for break! @SouthSeattleCC
  • Follow us on our Facebook page to see what South students are up to.
  • Good luck on finals this week and we'll see you in the New Year!

Word of the Week:  e-Learning - Courses that are a part of our Distance Learning program and usually does not require a campus visit. Ocassionally, a course may require a campus visit for an orientation or for a proctored exam.

Fall 2014 – Week 10: Ways to Keep Calm & Focus On

Ways to Keep Calm and Focus On. With the holidays approaching this is a reminder that all campuses will be closed on Thursday & Friday of this week, November 27th & 28th. Take time to de-stress and practice self-care with these tips.

  • Stay healthy & well. Exercising, eating healthy and improving your sleep schedules are ways to promote healthy living.
  • Start your day with breakfast like an apple, yogurt or banana. Even small, on-the-go foods can help start your day out right.
  • Don't have time to exercise? Check-out the Fitness Center on campus.
  • Get to know what nourishes your mind, body and soul. Can a Counselor help you sort out your stressors?
  •  Tweet us @SouthSeattleCC your De-Stressing Tip!

Word of the Week:  Counselor - Faculty with Master's degrees in counseling. They help students identify and achieve educational, career and personal goals. Make an appointment by phone: 206-934-6684

Fall 2014 – Week 9:  Money Matters in College

Money Matters in College: Tips on Saving and Budgeting in College

  • Tuition for Winter quarter is due December 8th, take advantage of the FACTS Payment Plan now by breaking up your tuition payments into manageable amounts. Enroll now through January 9th; the earlier you enroll the less your initial payment will be.
  • Plan ahead and create a budget for your monthly expenses. Stick to your plans and see your monthly savings grow from pennies to dollars. Watch this video to see how one student creates their budget.
  • Find your textbooks for next quarter's classes and get an estimate of how much they will cost through our bookstore. Remember, there are other options on where to buy your books like: purchasing them online, sign-up for the book exchange program, borrow a book from a friend or look-out for postings on campus bulletin boards.
  • Save a portion of your paycheck for emergencies like car problems, medical expenses and other unexpected things. Start a Savings Calculator to see how little changes can make a difference.
  • Let Worker Retraining (RS 81) help you pay for training and gain employment! Employment security specialists can help with your job search, unemployment questions, skills assessment, and other concerns relating to Employment Security. You must sign up to attend an orientation: http://www.startnextquarter.org   Please call with any questions: 206-934-6748   
  • Worker Retraining Eligibility:  Currently receiving Washington state unemployment benefits or unemployment benefits have been exhausted within the last 24 months, in danger of becoming laid off, used to be self-employed, displaced homemakers, or individuals in jeopardy of losing employment because of lack of skills or need to upgrade skills. 

Word of the Week:  SALT - This is an online resource for money management and financial coaching information. Make sure to select South Seattle Community College when you sign-up to get full access!

Fall 2014 – Week 8: Workshops on Campus

We offer resources to help you along your path in your degree or certificate program. FREE workshops on FAFSA, Scholarships, Transfers, Majors, for Undecided Students and Leadership! Financial Fridays and Tuesday Transfers are happening every week.

  • Transfer events and workshops are held every Tuesday, check the calendar for times, locations and topics!
  • Join a Financial Friday Workshop, 1pm - 2pm in LIB 217,  to learn about Scholarships and FAFSA, get great tips on the application process, upcoming deadlines and other financial resources.
  • The Undecided Student Workshop will introduce you to the steps in the career and education decision-making process.  Sign-up early to reserve your spot and get times and locations.
  • Perk up your leadership skills, come to a Leadership Workshop.
  • Community Based Organizations (CBO) provide assistance to help guide current and potential students in completing their educational goals. Learn more about this program and answer a few questions on this webpage to see if you may qualify or come to the WorkSource Front Desk, RSB 79.

Word of the Week:  Dean’s List – Generally, student must have 10 or more credits/quarter at the college they are currently attending and a 3.5 quarterly GPA.

Fall 2014 – Week 7:  Getting Involved

Get Involved on Campus. Did you know students who engage in on-campus activities like joining an interest club or participating in co-curricular events like workshops and lectures are more likely to be successful? Studies show that when students are actively engaged at school, their persistence and academic progress is higher. Here are tips on ways to get involved.

Word of the Week:  Student Life - Student Life is a network of departments committed to providing meaningful services, activities and communications that build community; ensure academic success; encourage creative expression, personal growth, and well-being; foster diversity and social justice; and promote student advocacy and leadership.
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Fall 2014 – Week 6:  Mid-Quarter Check-in

  • Check the online class schedule to start planning for your Winter quarter classes. Registration begins next Monday, November 3rd for returning students!
  • Have you checked your registration appointment to make sure you have no blocks and confirm your time? Ensuring that you have a registration appointment and registering online will help you bypass all of the lines in the office.
  • Know what classes are left in your program and track your progress with Degree Audit!
  • After you register, if you are receiving financial aid and taking less than 12 credits, provide a copy of your student schedule to the Financial Aid front counter.

Word of the Week:   Academic Calendar - The calendar year that includes the school year dates starting from summer through spring quarters of each year. Academic calendars list all important dates and deadlines for the school year.

Fall 2014 – Week 5:  Quick Guide to Student Services

Check it Out! A Quick Guide to our offices, Student Services is located in RSB, each office has check-in station in the lobby. We offer a range of support services and resources to help with your academic success.

  • Registration, Registrar, Enrollment: The people you need to see for signing up for classes, dropping classes or need to make corrections on your transcripts. They do not help select classes, but the Advising Center does.
  • Advisor, Advising, Educational Planning: The people who can help you choose classes and help you plan out your academic program.  Now located in the new Advising Center in RSB 11.
  • Cashiers, Cashier’s Office, FACTS: The people you need to see to make payments or set-up a payment plan. They cannot answer questions about your financial aid award, but the Financial Aid office can.
  • Financial Aid, FAFSA, Federal Aid: This office is where you submit your financial aid application and forms, they can help answer questions about the awards you receive. Check-in at the RSB Lobby, Financial Aid front-desk.
  • Counselors: The people who can help you sort out personal, educational or career goals. Make an appointment with a counselor by phone: 206-934-5387.

Word of the Week:   Work-Study – The opportunity to earn part of one’s education costs while attending college.  Work-study allocations are typically based on financial need.

Fall 2014 – Week 4:  Study Tips

Study tips to help you earn good grades and staying on your "A" game.

  • Reward yourself! Take a 10-minute break after 30-50 minutes of studying.
  • The best way to learn a concept is to explain it to a friend or someone else. A tutor is also a good listener, drop-in tutoring is available at our Tutoring Centers, RSB 12.
  • Some learners need a quiet place to study and some learn better with background noise. The library offers both environments, book a study room or find a spot in the commons.
  • An "A" paper requires time. Make sure to revise, edit and send it to a friend for review.  Visit the Writing Center in LIB 205.

Word of the Week: Transfer Center – Located in RSB 66, the Transfer Center is new to South this Fall, opening on October 15th.  The space is open to all South students and will have transfer information and visits from university representatives.  It is located in the same space as the TRiO Tutoring Center.

Fall 2014 – Week 3:  Planning Your Education

Got plans after South? If you are thinking about transferring to a four-year university or looking for tips on your next steps to achieving your career or educational goal, read on...   

Word of the Week: Direct Transfer Agreement – The associate degree that a two-year college has defined as meeting the guidelines that enable transfer with priority admission to a four-year college or university.

Fall 2014 – Week 2:  Scholarships and Financial Resources

Apply now for a South Foundation Scholarship. All full-time students are eligible to apply.

  • Fall scholarship application deadline is 10/27/14.   Apply online now! Questions? Stop by the Advancement Office, RSB01.
  • South offers workshops on a variety of financial topics including scholarships, FAFSA & WASFA completion, loans,  SALT, and more. Workshops are held most Fridays from 1-2pm in Library 217. Please contact the Financial Aid office for more information, or check the campus calendar.
  • Protect your privacy and use precaution when disposing of documents containing information about your student record.  Garbage and recycling bins in public areas are not a secure way to discard your documents.
  • Don’t forget to follow South Seattle College on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up on everything from important dates during the quarter to notification on special events, opportunities around campus and the ever-popular “Faces of South” student and faculty profiles.  And just in case there’s a snow day or any other emergency information we need to share, Facebook and Twitter are ideal ways to stay up-to-date in real time.

WORD OF THE WEEK:  Higher One Card – The OneAccount is a fully functioning checking account that allows you to access your Financial Aid disbursements quicker and easier. There are no monthly fees associated with the account, but please be aware that there are for carrying a balance below $100, using off-campus ATMS or making PIN-based purchases.

Fall 2014 – Week 1:  Welcome to Fall Quarter

Get all of South’s IMPORTANT DATES and INFORMATION in Tuesday Tips, a weekly email to your inbox!

Word of the Week:  Hybrid Class - At South, students taking hybrid classes participate both online and in regularly scheduled face-to-face sessions.  For many students, this kind of flexible schedule provides the freedom needed to balance education with a busy life outside of school.  

Summer 2014 - Week 8: Stay Connected to South

Check List: Cross’em off because the quarter is ending next week on Friday, August 22nd! Quick Tip: Find a study buddy for finals or drop-in one of the tutoring centers for extra help.

  • There are great classes still open, check our online class schedule! Make sure to register and pay for next quarter classes, avoid getting dropped and pay attention to tuition deadlines!
  • Make sure all of your assignments are turned in and talk with your instructors if you think you are failing.
  • Make plans to return borrowed or rented books. Don't forget to get your textbooks for next quarter.
  • Fall quarter starts on Monday, September 22nd and tuition is due by Monday, August 25th.
  • Grades are available on Thursday, August 28th. View Your Grades/Unofficial Transcript on MySouth.

Word of the Week: S.T.E.M. - an acronymn that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. S.T.E.M. is generally used when referring to these academic programs or fields of study.

Summer 2014 - Week 7: Wrapping-up Summer and Preparing for Fall

Check List: Cross’em off because the quarter is ending next week on Friday, August 22nd! Quick Tip: Find a study buddy for finals or drop-in one of the tutoring centers for extra help.

  • There are great classes still open, check our online class schedule! Make sure to register and pay for next quarter classes, avoid getting dropped and pay attention to tuition deadlines!
  • Make sure all of your assignments are turned in and talk with your instructors if you think you are failing.
  • Make plans to return borrowed or rented books. Don't forget to get your textbooks for next quarter.
  • Fall quarter starts on Monday, September 22nd and tuition is due by Monday, August 25th.
  • Grades are available on Thursday, August 28th. View Your Grades/Unofficial Transcript on MySouth.

Word of the Week: S.T.E.M. - an acronymn that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. S.T.E.M. is generally used when referring to these academic programs or fields of study.

Summer 2014 - Week 6: Stress Management

Don't Burn-Out! There's only 2 more weeks until Summer quarter ends. Here's Five Common Stressors to watch out for and tips on how to deal with them.

  • Feeling like there is too much to do and too little time? Start a check-list and complete the easiest task first but also keep in mind your priorities and deadlines.
  • Are your family, work, finances or other external stressors keeping you from staying focused? Address these issues individually and develop a plan to minimize your stress levels. 
  • Are you waiting until the last minute to do your final projects, papers and assignments? Stop procrastinating, now is the time to reevaluate your schedule, adjust your priorities and kick into gear. Talk to your instructors if you really need more time.
  • You are not alone! Talk to a friend, a classmate or someone you trust about what's stressing you out at the moment.
  • Can't bear the stress? See one of our Counselors for a personal appointment if you are having difficulty focusing, "feeling down" or have conflict in your life, the Counseling webpage has a list of example topics. Counselors are trained in career, educational and personal counseling.

Word of the Week: Audit - Students attending classes as a listener or “auditor” without the obligation of doing the required work and without receiving credit. Tuition, however, is the same as credit classes.

Summer 2014 - Week 5: Building Your Network

Make college fun by connecting with your classmates and instructors outside of the classroom. Tips on how to build your South network of friends and professional contacts.

  • Get to know your instructors, they might be the best people to ask for letters of recommendations or can connect you with an employer for a job.
  • Invite your favorite instructor or advisor to the Let's do Lunch Program. Pick-up a form at Student Life in JMB 135, ask your instructor to sign, and turn it in to Romie Ho in Student Life to receive a FREE $30 meal ticket to use at any of our on-campus eateries (Café Alki or Alhadeff Grill).
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and connect with your classmates and instructors. See the WorkSource Workshop Calendar for the next Social Media workshop.
  • Use your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts like a marketing tool to showcase your academic and professional skills.
  • Get to know your classmates these last few weeks. Form a study group or become friends outside of the classroom. 

Word of the Week: Georgetown Campus - One of South Seattle College's campuses that houses the Puget Sound Industrial Excellence Center, Apprentice and Education Center and the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center.

Summer 2014 - Week 4: Mid-Quarter Check-in & Fall Quarter Prep

It's mid-quarter and time to plan for the next steps! Here's a check-in email to help you track a few important upcoming dates. Use this as a checklist to get a good start on Fall quarter deadlines. Fall quarter starts on Monday, September 22nd.

  • Don't know what to take next quarter?  Schedule an Advising appointment online, by phone 206-934-5387 or drop-in for a quick appointment, RSB Lobby.
  • The Fall quarter tuition deadline for previously registered students is Monday, August 25th. Pay online to secure your class!
  • Need to start a payment plan for Fall quarter tuition? The FACTS Payment Plan is still open, enroll in a plan by this Friday, July 25th and put 30% down payment with 4 additional payments through November 5th.
  • Know what classes are left in your program. Track your progress with Degree Audit!
  • It's never too early to buy your books for Fall quarter! Start looking for textbooks now from the Bookstore or sell back your used books. Also find great deals for used books through your peers, online, or the textbook exchange wall in the Library!

Word of the Week: Prerequisite - The requirement(s) that must be met before a student may enroll in a particular course
or program. A prerequisite might be completion of a given class before enrollment in a more advanced
class, or a satisfactory score on a placement test.

Summer 2014 - Week 3: Be Financially Savvy this Summer

Summer is a great time of year to soak up the sun, travel, and party. There are a lot of ways to do this on a budget or for free. Planning ahead for a trip and researching for great deals can help you save hundreds of dollars.  Here are some tips and lists of ways to save money this summer.

  • There’s only one thing better than getting a good price on something, and that’s getting it for free. Check out these great deals.
  • Good and Cheap is a tasty collection of recipes for those on a budget. Impress your friends with these amazing dishes at your next BBQ. Download a Free recipe book today!
  • Join us every Wednesday @ 1:00pm in LIB 217 to learn more about financial aid, student loans, budgeting and more. Check out the workshop schedule today!
  • Need help with budgeting, saving, or mapping out your financial future? Stop by the WorkSource office, Main Campus RSB 79 and Georgetown Campus Building B #124, for FREE financial counseling every Thursday & Friday from 9:00 -4:00pm.
  • Sign up for SALT! SALT is an online financial empowerment tool to help you become financially savvy. Check it out today!

Word of the Week:  Financial Literacy - You're money savvy, or the knowledge you have about money—specifically budgeting, financial planning, saving, managing debt, and investing.

Summer 2014 - Week 2: 5 Tips for Surviving Summer Quarter

with 50% refund. Speak to Financial Aid to make sure you don't owe a repayment. 

  • #1 Stay ahead on your readings and preparations for class. It's easy to get distracted by the sun and summertime fun, (trust us) being academically prepared is worth it!
  • #2 Take advantage of the tutors on campus. Check to see if one of our Tutoring Centers fit your needs, hours are posted on their webpage. Don't forget that the Library has check-out rooms for small-groups.
  • #3 Bring snacks and stay hydrated throughout the day. This will help boost your energy levels in class.
  • #4 Go at your own pace and don't categorize yourself! Manage your time according to your schedule.
  • #5 In between classes, take a quick trip to nearby Alki Beach Park to toss a frisbee, play some beach volleyball, or just unwind. When you come back to campus, you will be refreshed and ready for class!

Word of the Week: ORCA Card - is a transit pass that is accepted by several transit systems like King Country Metro buses and Sound Transit. Students enrolled in 10 credits or more can purchase an ORCA card at a discounted price. See the cashiers for information.

Summer 2014 - Week 1: Welcome to Summer Quarter

South welcomes you to Summer Quarter! Check your Tuesday Tips weekly email to get important information, deadlines and resources. FREE to your inbox every Tuesday! REMINDER: It's a short week, all college campuses are closed this Friday, July 4th for Independence Day. 

  • Student Services is running on summer quarter hours, Mondays - Thursdays, 8:00am - 4:30pm and Fridays, 9:00am - 1:00pm.  
  • Tuition is now due at the time of registration, pay online to avoid getting dropped! The FACTS Payment Plan is still open until Thursday, July 3rd (pay 50% now and the other half later).
  • If you need to drop a course, withdraw by Thursday, July 3rd to receive 100% refund. Speak to Financial Aid, RSB 053, to make sure you don't owe a repayment.  
  • Looking for a Summer class? Browse through the list of great classes still open this summer on the class schedule
  • Driving to campus? Buy your parking permit online. Taking the bus? See bus routes that bring you onto campus.

Word of the Week: Down Payment (referring to tuition) - The part of tuition that is paid up front which reduces the amount of future payments. 

Spring 2014 - BREAK

Top 5 reasons why students get dropped from courses. Avoid getting dropped from your class and READ this!

  • # 1 Tuition is not paid by the deadline. Be sure you know our Payment Policy for Tuition  and Fees. Contact our Registration Department for more information. Check your schedule to be sure your tuition has been paid.
  • #2 Your financial aid is not ready to pay. Check the financial aid portal to see your status. Check your schedule to be sure your financial aid is reflected in your amount due. Contact Financial Aid immediately if questions or concerns.
  • #3 A third party is paying for your tuition. Be sure your paperwork has been submitted to ensure it is processed in a timely matter. Questions? Contact the Work Force Retraining Office.   
  • #4 Were  you on a waitlist? Avoid getting dropped and pay for that class immediately once you are enrolled. Can’t get into a class? Secure a back-up plan and consider one of the great classes still open (select “show open classes only” on the top right).
  • #5 "I forgot to pay." We get it. As a student you're juggling lots of things. Be sure to re-enroll and make it a priority to pay online TODAY to ensure your spot in class and to prevent being dropped. 

Word of the Week: ORCA card - is a transit pass that is accepted by several transit systems like King Country Metro buses and Sound Transit. Students enrolled in 10 credits or more can purchase an ORCA card at a discounted price. See the cashiers for information.

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