What is a waitlist?

The waitlist feature offers students a fair and consistent way to enroll in a full class if openings occur. Students who choose to be placed on a waitlist will be automatically enrolled in the class if space becomes available.

What are the benefits of a waitlist?

It provides students with a fair, efficient method of registering in full classes as openings occur. It also provides accurate data relating to class demand and can enable the quick addition of classes in response to that demand.

How do I add or remove myself from a waitlist?

You may add or remove yourself from a waitlist on the web or in the Registration Office. Please remove your name if you no longer wish to be waitlisted.

Will I be notified if I am enrolled?

You will receive an email notification regarding your waitlist status. Please be sure your email address is current. You can also check your status on the web. Once you are enrolled, view your schedule to check for additional tuition charges. If you are still on a waitlist when the quarter begins, attend the first day of class. Bring an Add/Drop form for the instructor’s signature if the instructor approves enrollment in the class.

You should check your schedule via the web for outstanding charges and to make adjustments as needed.

When is tuition for the added class due?

Tuition must be paid by the campus deadline, which is generally due within seven (7) business days of your first registration or prior to the first day of the quarter – whichever date comes first. However, actual deadlines may vary from quarter to quarter. Be sure to check for specific quarter deadlines. Once the quarter has begun tuition is due at the time you are enrolled for classes. Official enrollment is not complete until tuition and fees have been paid in full. Students will be dropped from class for nonpayment of tuition and fees.


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