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Adding Classes

  • After you register, you may add courses on a space available basis with an Enrollment Form. Enrollment Forms can be picked up in the Registration Office at the front desk. (Office hours and location.)
  • Classes may be added during the first week of the quarter.
  • An instructor's signature is also required to overload into a waitlist class or to add into an enroll-with-permission-only class.  Waitlists close the Sunday before the quarter starts.  If a class had a waitlist at any time before this point, instructor permission will be required on the Enrollment form during the first week even if the course shows online as having seats available.

Dropping Classes

(Refer to the academic calendar for specific dates.)

  • You may drop classes through the 8th week of Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters. Classes may be dropped through the 6th week of Summer Quarter. Refer to the current academic calendar to see refund deadlines.
  • You may drop a class during the first two weeks of the quarter and no record of the class will appear on your transcript. You do not need an instructor's signature to drop a class during this time.
  • From the 3rd week through the 8th week of each quarter (6th week in Summer Quarter) you may drop a class with your instructor's signature on the Enrollment Form.
  • A "W" (Official Withdrawal) will appear on your transcript when you drop a class after the first two weeks of the quarter. A "W" does not affect your grade point average. After a "W" is received, you may repeat the course only one time.
  • NOTE: You cannot officially drop a class by informing the instructor you are dropping or by not attending the class. An Enrollment Form must be processed through the Registration Office and Cashier's Office (if applicable) before your course withdrawal is considered "official." If you do not officially drop a course, your instructor may give you a failing grade in that class.

Administrative Drops

In addition to administrative drops for nonpayment, outlined on the Financial – Paying Tuition and Fees page, students who are officially enrolled in credit classes must be in attendance or be granted attendance accommodations from the instructor no later than the 3rd scheduled class day.  Students who never attend, and who have not received permission to miss the first class(es) from the instructor, may be dropped by the college.  Faculty of students enrolled in online and hybrid classes must verify attendance by noting academic engagement activities, such as:

  1. Physically attending a class where there is an opportunity for direct interaction between the instructor and students;

  2. Submitting an academic assignment;

  3. Taking an exam, an interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction;

  4. Attending a study group that is assigned by the institution;

  5. Participating in an online discussion about academic matters; and

  6. Initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course

See 34 CFR 668.22(l)(7) 

Students who never attended, but who are not dropped for non-attendance per the above practices, may submit a Petition for Exception to Policy indicating institutional error.  The student is responsible for providing evidence of non-attendance.  A successful petition includes an email from the faculty affirming the student never attended the class(es) noted in the petition.


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