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Learning About Wine

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South Seattle College offers three different paths for people interested in wine education – from first-time learners to serious winemakers. Check the options below to find the best path for your interests.

Northwest Wine Academy

Web Site: The Northwest Wine Academy
Phone: (206) 934-7942

South's Wine Technology Program, with for-credit classes designed for those who wish to enter the rapidly growing wine industry, but also for the wine-making hobbyist. The Northwest Wine Academy is a first in Western Washington, the first wine program in higher education on the west side of our state. The program also features the only complete, operating winery – Puget Ridge Winery – at a college in Western Washington.

Begin your career in the wine industry, expand your marketable skills as a professional in the wine or hospitality industry, or deepen your knowledge of wine with one our three certificate programs: Wine Making; Wine Marketing & Sales; Food & Wine Pairing. The Northwest Wine Academy complements South Seattle College's well-regarded and award-winning Culinary Arts program.

Currently, classes are offered only in the evenings. To enroll in classes that do wine taste comparisons you must be at least 21 years old.

Continuing Education Program – Lifelong Learning

Web Site:
Phone: (206) 934-5339

Continuing Education offers non-credit courses primarily designed for those beginning their wine studies, with classes such as
"Wine Tasting Primer: Sight, Smell, Taste" and "Beginners Guide to Washington Wines." Classes usually are taught over three evenings. Offerings are based on demand and past popularity, and change over time. To enroll in classes that do wine taste comparisons you must be 21 years old. For schedule see

International Sommelier Guild

Web Site:
US Toll Free: 1-866-412-0464

The International Sommelier Guild (ISG) is a wine-knowledge resource organization focused on meeting wine and spirit education needs through tailored expert teaching and consultation. The ISG has selected South as its site for conducting its courses in this region.

Educating wine professional for an increasingly sophisticated consumer has been the focus of the ISG’s intensive Sommelier Certification programs. The ISG has certified sommeliers for 15 years, working closely with the hospitality and culinary industries.

In addition to serving wine professionals, the ISG offers a broad range of wine courses suited for all knowledge levels. Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, these courses are designed take you from basic tasting procedures to fundamental understanding of wine quality. To enroll in classes that do wine taste comparisons you must be 21 years old.

Whether you are looking to develop a basic understanding of food and wine marriage or to become an accredited sommelier, the International Sommelier Guild can help you reach your goals.


Northwest Wine Academy


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