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ANNOUNCEMENT:  South Seattle College will not offer the RN phase of the LPN-RN Ladder program fall quarter 2014.  This does not impact the LPN program, which will proceed as scheduled. For questions or additional information, please contact Shannon Huffman, Interim Nursing Program Coordinator, at 206.932.7972 or

Vision Statement

The South Seattle College Nursing Program aspires to be:

  • Student-centered, with special (not exclusive) emphasis on emerging English speakers
  • Seamlessly articulated from CNA to LPN to RN within the Seattle Community College District
  • Tailored to the individual student's career goals, background experience and capacity via initial and intake triage and ongoing case management.
  • Supplemented with ESL, English for Special Purposes (ESP) concurrent courses, and tutoring
  • Supplemented by multilingual Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) learning opportunities for self pacing and flexibility
  • Delivered in a 9-bed clinical nursing laboratory
  • Provided with support of a computer assisted health sciences learning laboratory
  • A three-quarter LPN to RN Ladder program that integrates the LPN and CNA programs in the following sequence and prerequisites:
    • CNA (quarter I)
    • Prerequisites (i.e. MAT 102, ANP 213, ANP 214, PSY 206, BIO 280, ENG 101)
    • LPN II, III, IV, V
    • RN VI, VII, VIII

Questions? Please call 206-934-6654.

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