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South Seattle College Terminal Objectives

SSCC is committed to the following seven student learning outcomes for every student graduating with a certificate or degree:

  1. Communication
    • Read and listen actively to learn and communicate
    • Speak and write effectively for personal, academic and career purposes
  2. Computation
    • Use arithmetic and other basic mathematical operations as required by the program of study.
    • Apply quantitative skills for personal, academic and career purposes
    • Identify, interpret and utilize higher level mathematical and cognitive skills
  3. Human Relations
    • Use social interactive skills to work in groups effectively
    • Recognize diversity of cultural influences and values
  4. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
    • Think critically in evaluating information, solving problems, and making decisions
  5. Technology
    • Select and use appropriate technology tools for personal, academic and career tasks
  6. Personal Responsibility
    • Be motivated and able to continue learning and adapt to change
    • Values one’s own skills, abilities, ideas and art
    • Take pride in one’s work
    • Manage personal health and safety
  7. Information Literacy
    • Access and evaluate information from a variety of sources and contexts, including technology
    • Use information to achieve personal, academic and career goals, as well as to participate in a democratic society

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