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Engineering and Computer Science

South Seattle Community College Campus Students at South Seattle Community College Computer equipment at South Seattle Community College

Welcome to the South Seattle College Engineering and Computer Science website. This website provides information for those interested in eventually transferring to a four-year college or university and who plan on majoring in Engineering or Computer Science.

View a 4 minute streaming video of our Engineering Program at South. (Users with modem connections will not be able to view this video.)

Facilities and Equipment

Fall 2004 saw the opening of the 30,000 sq. ft. Olympic Hall. Olympic Hall is the new home of South's science labs and many of the engineering courses. New computers, data projectors and other state of the art AV equipment add to the overall modern feel of this beautiful new building. Older classrooms buildings have been remodeled and new computers and data projectors have also been installed where engineering related classes are taught.

In addition to new computers and data projectors, a large federal Title III grant has enabled us to update the engineering, chemistry and physics lab equipment. New equipment includes a $32,000 ZCorp Z310 Rapid Prototyping 3D printer. With this printer you can print out actual 3-dimensional solid objects from a CAD file. The printer is used in several engineering and drafting courses. A Techno Inc. CNC Router has also recently been purchased. Additionally, we have purchased software including Matlab, SolidWorks, AutoCad, and Orcad PSpice for use in our math, science and engineering classes.