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Degree Options

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Enrollment Requirements

To enroll you need to meet placement test requirements or have prior college credit.

Note: Applicants must meet with an advisor or counselor to determine if a placement test is required. Please see Steps to Enroll for more information.

Program Information

At SSC we train our student technicians in an industry-like setting on our main campus and in a hangar facility at King County Airport (Boeing Field). Students learn how to keep aircraft in peak operating condition by performing maintenance and inspections required and regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Our classes consist of a hands-on approach and focus on experiential learning. Their small size ensures personalized one-on-one education from our experienced instructors.

Degree Options

We recommend that students complete the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.T.) degree along with both the Airframe and Powerplant certificates. Having all three provides students with a greater employment opportunities and the ability to take advantage of technical transfer agreements that South has with four-year institutions, such as Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Central Washington University.

  • Aeronautical Technology - A.A.S. - (Flow Chart)

    The A.A.S. degree program provides graduates of recognized airframe and powerplant programs the opportunity to expand their knowledge and training, and earn an Associate of Applied Science degree. To receive the A.A.S.T. degree, a student must complete all course requirements from an approved airframe and powerplant program.

    The degree program builds on the student’s previous knowledge and emphasizes current industry practices and related technical information. General education courses provide background in industrial, social, political and economic factors and their implications for the industry.

    Graduates of a recognized F.A.A. airframe and powerplant program who are F.A.A.-certified may receive credit hours toward the degree based on their documentation (transcripts) and the recommendation of a college evaluator.

  • Composites Technican 1 - Short-Term Training Certificate - (STT)

    Short-Term Training Certificate - (STT) Designed to meet the needs of the aviation industry, the Composites Technician 1 earns two short-term training (STT) certifications:
    General Aviation STT Certificate: provides foundational instruction in the field of aviation maintenance. It is a prerequisite for the Composite Aviation STT.
    Composite Aviation STT Certificate: prepares technicians to fabricate, assemble and repair composite materials on aircraft at an entry level.

Additional Information

Class Schedules

Official Course Outlines

Program Outcomes and Student Learning Outcomes

Gainful Employment in Aeronautical Technology

Academic Calendar

View the Aviation Calendar.

Required Equipment

  • Aviation Minimum Required Tool List:
    Students must acquire all the tools on this list by mid-term of AMT 111.
  • Note: Snap-On and Sears will visit the Aviation Department to provide discounted prices.

If you have any questions please contact the aviation tool room attendant at (206) 934-5374.

All students are required to obtain the books listed in the beginning of their respective quarter.


Please call 206-934-5394

Advising Appointments?

Please call 206-934-5387


For international student inquiries, please contact the Center for International Education.

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