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Graduated from high school and coming to South?
Check out the information on our Financial Aid pages. Apply for an SSC Foundation Scholarship.

Adult High School Completion

  • High school completion at SSC allows students to take college classes that go toward both a high school diploma and an Associate’s of Arts or Science degree at a reduced tuition rate (about $100 a class) . For this reason, students must go through the process of COMPASS testing and qualifying for college-level courses. Please see the steps below to get started or call 206-934-6738 with any questions.
  • Steps to get started:
    1. Get a copy of your official transcript from your most recent high school.
    2. Take the COMPASS test ($19.00 testing fee.)
    3. Schedule a meeting with an advisor by calling 206-934-6738.
    4. After reviewing COMPASS scores & transcripts, an advisor can help you make a plan for earning a high school diploma.

Career Link

  • For more information visit our website.
  • For more information call 206-934-7946.
  • For more information email
  • Career Link is a high school completion program for students ages 16-21 who no longer attend traditional high school. We offer students the opportunity to work on academic skills, personal development, and make progress towards a high school diploma during their enrollment. Career Link is a partnership between South Seattle College and the Highline School District designed to help students complete a diploma and make the transition to post-secondary education.


  • For more information visit our website.
  • For more information call 206-934-5363.
  • The course is designed to help students who are preparing to take the GED test.

Running Start

  • Program for qualified high school juniors and seniors who wish to take college courses that satisfy high school graduation requirements and earn college credit.
  • Students pay no tuition but are responsible for the cost of registration fees, books, and transportation.
  • Deadlines for Priority Enrollment & Registration: Please apply by the following dates to ensure enrollment in required courses.
    • Fall Quarter: May 1
    • Winter Quarter: November 1
    • Spring Quarter: February 1
    • Running Start does not cover Summer Quarter
  • The Running Start Enrollment Verification Form is required each quarter to register for classes. Please meet with your high school counselor to have it filled out, bring it to your Running Start registration appointment.

Tech Prep

  • For more information call 206-934-5387.
  • Earn college credits toward a technical career for courses taken in high school.
  • Save money - the more credits earned in high school the less money spent on tuition, lab fees, and books in college.
  • Watch this 8 minute streaming video and learn about Tech Prep for Seattle high school students.

TRiO Talent Search

  • For more information visit our website.
  • For more information call 206-934-6474.
  • Explore career options
  • Understand what it takes to get into the college or training program of your choice
  • Find money for college
  • Develop strategies for test taking and improving study skills
  • Serving Seattle Public Schools in West Seattle

Upward Bound

  • For more information visit our website.
  • For more information call 206-934-6676.
  • Helps low-income / first generation college students to prepare for and complete college - serving Evergreen and Tyee High Schools.