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South Seattle College is not accepting students at this time into the Associates in Applied Science (AAS) in Engineering Technology program. To learn more about alternative programs, please contact our professional technical advisors at or (206) 934-5387.

The Engineering Technology program at South Seattle College provides students with a solid background in mathematics, physics and applied engineering, as well as skills in problem solving and creative thinking, technical communications and leadership.

At SSCC we offer several different degrees for engineering and computer science majors. Which degree you choose depends on your major and on what four-year institution you plan on transfering to. Consult with an advisor or counselor for more information. Some colleges/universities may not require a community college degree in order to transfer in. But admission to many engineering programs (like at the UW) is very competitive and a community college degree is highly recommended. Most engineering schools number one criteria for admission is completion of certain undergraduate courses (like physics and calculus). The degrees listed below will ensure that you take the courses required for admission to most engineering schools in the state of Washington.

While the Associate of Arts (AA) degree is fairly easy to get, it does not provide students in most engineering majors the courses they need to get accepted into most engineering schools in the state of Washington. With the exception of Computing and Software Systems majors for whom the AA degree is preferred, all other engineering majors should get one of the Associate of Science (AS) degrees below.

Degree Tracks

  • Associates of Science (AS) in Engineering, Physics, Atmospheric Science or Computer Science
    This degree give you options by having some elective credits.
    • Engineering, physics, computer science, atmospheric science. This is the easiest degree to get since you get to pick 34 credits of free electives (It is critical that you choose these electives carefully with the help of an advisor so you can successfully transfer). This is the AS track #2 degree that the State of Washington uses.

The three A.S. degrees below are specifically for students transferring to colleges and universities in the state of Washington. They offer less flexibility as to which classes you take, but have the advantage that they fully prepare you to transfer in as a junior and all are more than 90 credits.

  • Associates of Arts (AA)
  • Associates in Applied Science (AAS) in Engineering Technology
    This degree is designed for students who want to get a job after their two year degree. Some of the classes may transfer to Engineering Technology programs at the regional universities in Washington State, like those at Western Washington, Eastern Washington and Central Washington University. Some classes will not transfer however. Consult with an advisor or counselor for more information.

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