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Career and Technical Teacher Education
CTE Registration

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CTE Registration
Please visit the links on this page to answer your questions about registration, and to aid you in determining your course through the program, or you can register now by visiting our CTE registration page.

Class Schedule & Fees
See the CTE Course Schedule (PDF) or see the current CTE Price Chart (PDF) for South’s program. The current class schedule and how to register can be found on South’s Continuing Education Web site at

Understanding the Certification Process
This PDF chart will help you navigate your way through the CTE certification.

Course of Study for Initial CTE Certification
This PDF chart leads you from preparing your portfolio and professional development plan to applying for your certification.

How Do I Enroll?
This page details the first steps in getting started.

Frequently Asked Questions
For questions and answers about our secondary CTE Teacher Certificate Preparation program See the FAQ's page. We hope these FAQ’s will address the questions you might have. Please contact our office at 206-934-5339 or if you have further questions.

Visit South’s Continuing Education Web site at for links to instructors, including bios. You can also register for classes at this site.

Registration Policies
The CTE Advisory committee has put into place the following guidelines for the waiver of classes in South Seattle College’s CTE program. Our goal is to avoid redundancy without compromising our commitment to training top quality teachers with good skills.

If South waives a class the competencies will need to be demonstrated either during a South-supervised Practicum and/or through an accepted course documented on a transcript along with a course description and syllabus.

See Transcript Review (PDF) - detailed information about course waiving.

Incompletes/Course Retake Policy
Teacher Candidates Not Completing Course Work
Should a teacher candidate enrolled in one of the non-credit CTE classes at South fail to attain the delineated course outcomes/competencies as outlined per course, the instructor may indicate that person did not pass and will need to retake the class. The decision of whether a teacher candidate satisfactorily completes a given class (and designated competencies) rests solely with the professional judgment of the course instructor.

If a CTE class has any mandatory “in person” meeting times, full participation at these class sessions is required to complete the competencies for the class. If time is missed the teacher candidate will need to retake the class. All mandatory dates and times will be given to the teacher candidate prior to registering for the class.

Retaking CTE Class: Retaking a class will be when that class is next offered (classes are usually scheduled to be offered once per year). Teacher candidates who fail to complete a class on time will be required to retake that class until all requirements are satisfactorily met. The fee will be 50% of the class fee and 100% of the materials fee.

Special Note: Instructors are compensated on the basis of enrolled teacher candidates in a given class and are not obligated to work with a teacher candidate who does not satisfactorily complete the course work (or demonstrate the competencies) beyond that given class schedule.

Cancellation Policy
Please contact the Continuing Education office as soon as possible. If cancelling within two business days before the first class meets, all but a processing fee will be refunded. If choosing to transfer to another class, the $ processing fee will be waived. Class and material fees can not be refunded after the first session of a course has started.

Contact South’s Continuing Education Department at 206-934-5339 or
Frequently Asked Questions about South’s CTE program.
Washington State Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Web site.

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