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Certified Financial Planner™ - Class Schedule

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Note: Materials fee includes enrollment with the College for Financial Planning.

Class Schedule for Winter 2015

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Students may begin the education process with CFPE 1 or CFPE 2 or CFPE 3—any of the three can be the first class.  

For students who began their CFPE education after December 31, 2011 there will be a required 6th class offered online through the College for Financial Planning.  It will be a culminating class/project prior to registering for the national board exam.

CFP Classes
CFPE 1 - Financial Planning Process and Insurance (details)
Item #: 1501
Dates: TBA
Location: Seattle Central College, Downtown Seattle
Instructor: Staff
CFPE 2 - Investment Planning (details)
Item #: 1503
Dates: TBA
Location: Seattle Central College, Downtown Seattle
Instructor: Staff
CFPE 3 - Income Tax Planning (details)
Item #: 1505
Dates: April 7 – June 2, 2015
Time: Tuesday, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Location: Seattle Central College, Downtown Seattle
 Michael Dill

CFPE 4 - Retirement Planning/Employee Benefits (details)
Item #: 1507
Dates: Tentatively Fall 2015
Location: South Seattle College, West Seattle
Instructor: Therese Govern

CFPE 5 - Estate Planning (details)
Item #: 1509
Dates:Tentatively Winter 2016
Time:  5:30 – 8:30 pm
Location:  South Seattle College, West Seattle
Instructor:  Kathy Huckabay

CFP 1 - Financial Planning Process and Insurance

Study the overall financial planning process as well as the legal, ethical, and regulatory issues affecting financial planners. Time value of money concepts are also addressed. Discuss the principles of risk management and insurance to identify a client's risk exposure and select appropriate risk management techniques. Learn the basic insurance contract and practical insurance checklists. Course also covers life insurance needs and methods of determining the type (property, liability, home-owners, personal auto) and amount of insurance best suited to the client. Finally, medical and disability insurance, as well as long-term care insurance, are covered. (Instructor: Staff)

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CFP 2 - Investment Planning

Study the numerous investment vehicles that can be included in a client’s personal investment portfolio, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance-based investments, futures, options, foreign investments, real estate, and tangible assets. Client assessment, tax considerations of investments, economic factors, risk and return analysis, valuation methods, asset allocation techniques, and portfolio performance evaluation methods are discussed. Finally, learn about portfolio construction and management.
(Instructor: Staff)

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CFP 3 - Income Tax Planning

Study the fundamentals of individual income taxation, the tax implications of various types of businesses, planning for the acquisition and disposition of property, tax-advantaged investments, and tax planning for the family. More technical topics are also discussed, including employee compensation issues and planning, alternative minimum tax, self-employment tax, and tax traps. Tax research and practitioner concerns also are addressed.
(Instructor: Michael Dill, CFP®)

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CFP 4 - Retirement Planning/Employee Benefits

Learn the personal tax-deferred retirement programs available to many working adults along with a framework for use in calculating the annual savings needed to reach retirement income goals. Learn key features of qualified retirement plan design, including the advantages/disadvantages of specific types of qualified plans for the owners of small-to medium-sized businesses, including a flowchart of the retirement plan development and maintenance process with funding considerations. Study government sponsored plans including Social Security and Medicare along with group life, health, and disability insurance, non-qualified deferred compensation, and other commonly provided employee benefits.
(Instructor: Therese Govern)

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CFP 5 - Estate Planning

Study the fundamentals of federal estate and gift taxation as well as specific exclusion and valuation techniques that reduce the size of the gross estate. Learn the characteristics of wills, intestacy, and the probate process along with trusts, property ownership forms, and will substitutes.
(Instructor: Kathleen Huckabay CFP®)


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