Welcome to South Seattle College (South) and the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Sustainable Building Science Technology (SBST) program. This program prepares students who have completed an apprenticeship program, a two-year technical degree or approved associate degree and have 2-5 years of related work experience with commercial and residential high performance buildings.

This 90-credit degree program offers industry professionals a pathway to becoming a skilled Building Science Professional. The program emphasizes upper-division coursework that focuses on the complexities of building science, energy codes, building codes and facility management. 

The Goals of the SBST BAS are to:

  1. Meet industry demand. Beginning in 2008 with the original skills panel held by the Seattle King County Workforce Development Council, industry has requested and driven the demand for a degree in sustainable building science technology.
  2. Offer a degree program of which there are currently none in Washington State.
  3. Create an affordable educational pathway for individuals currently working in industry to complete a bachelor degree program without having to leave the state or resign from a job.
  4. Provide an opportunity for journey-workers in the trades to advance their careers.
  5. Provide an avenue for individuals currently working in industry to gain skills that will allow them to become more effective professionals in building science.
  6. Offer the opportunity for people working in sustainable building science technology to broaden and advance their skills.
  7. Prepare employees who can fill the critical unmet demand for sustainable building science technology professionals.
  8. Develop a well-regarded bachelor degree program that will create a conduit for graduates who wish to enter a master’s degree program.
  9. Contribute to the attainment of the state’s higher education and regional economic development goals in a high-growth industry by creating a better career ladder for individuals that are currently working as sustainable building science technology professionals.


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Georgetown Campus
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Hospitality Management B.A.S.

Professional Technical Teacher Education B.A.S.

Sustainable Building Science Technology B.A.S.