Some basic facts:

  • The Airframe license allows you to work on every part of an aircraft except the engines. The Power plant license allows you to work on aircraft engines.
  • Our two-year program consists of 8 classes (2 General classes, 3 Airframe classes, and 3 Power plant classes). Each class is 17 credits.
  • The first class in the series is typically offered every Fall and Spring Quarters.
  • Each class goes for the duration of 1 quarter and consists of 6 hours of class time per day.
  • To enroll you need to meet placement test requirements or have prior college credit.
  • Placement test COMPASS can be scheduled at SSCC by calling 206-768-5394 or online
    For international students’ placement tests, please visiting here.
  • In addition to your A&P certificate, you can get an Associate of Applied Science degree simply by taking an additional 3 designated classes and 9 elective credits.
  • Our typical class includes men and women of all ages (even some in their 70s)! We also have students from all around the world.
  • Your A&P license is often recognized in fields other than aviation including but not limited to: elevator repair, power companies, amusement park maintenance, and appliance repair work.
  • In some cases, credit by examination can be granted for the “General” portion of the curriculum.  (Student must be able to provide official transcripts from an accredited institution within the United States, work experience records, and/or FAA documentation).
  • If you have satisfactorily completed education at another FAA approved Part 147 School, your classes may transfer directly and credit by examination would not be required (FAA approved Part 147 schools may not grant credit for maintenance instruction received outside the United States).
  • There are resources and support available for women and minorities interested in the aviation field including but not limited to: Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance, International Black Aerospace Council, Tuskegee Airmen, Negro Airman International, and Women in Aviation International. You may contact these organizations directly for more information.

Tuition and other costs:
Washington State residents per quarter:
Tuition:                      $1,439.33
Lab Fee:                         150.00
Transportation Fee:          15.00
Universal Tech. Fee:        54.00
Total 1 Quarter:         $1,658.33
X 8
Total 8 Quarters:     $13,266.64

Non-Resident and Foreign Student per quarter:
Tuition:                      $3,194.40
Lab Fee:                         150.00
Transportation Fee:          15.00
Universal Tech. Fee:        54.00
Total 1 Quarter:         $3,413.40
X 8
Total 8 Quarters:     $27,307.20

Other costs:
Tools: The required tools cost approximately $1,300 - $1,750. The price will vary depending on the tool vendor you choose to use. Students get a discount from the vendor while enrolled in the program.

Books: Students may purchase the required books at the SSCC campus bookstore. The total textbook cost for all 8 quarters is approximately $400.00

For more information:

  • Visit our web site.
  • To register or learn about the program, call the Technical Education Center at 206-764-5394 to set up an appointment with a SSCC Advisor.
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