Train for a career in the aerospace industry, where Washington houses more than 1,250 aerospace-related companies and employs more than 131,000 people across the state. Last year, these companies paid out 7.5 percent of all wages earned by Washingtonians. At South Seattle College, we offer a gateway into this industry via our Aerospace Composites Program. This program prepares you to manufacture, fabricate, assemble, and repair composites-not only in aerospace, but other types of composites as well. We are one of only two schools listed as meeting the vocational training requirements for the Boeing Blue Streak Apprenticeship Program Application. Veterans receive priority of service.

South Seattle College’s six-month Aerospace Composites Technician Training Program teaches students to work safely and successfully at entry level positions.  Students will learn to fabricate, assemble, and repair composites in the aerospace manufacturing and repair environments. Other composite employment sectors include marine, ground transportation, sporting equipment, and medical devices. This is an intensive 45 credit program. Classes meet six hours per day (30 hours per week) and study outside of class is expected.

We Have a Place for You

Whatever your background, experience, or age you will fit right in. Our typical class includes men and women of all ages (even some in their 70s)! We have international students from all around the world including: Ethiopia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Pacific Islands, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, United States and Vietnam. Our students also include those who have many years of experience in aviation and those who are just beginning their discovery of the industry.

If you would like to learn more about composites and our students, watch the video on the Aerospace Composites Technology Program below.


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