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College Transfer / Preparatory Academics 

College Transfer Overview
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Preparing for College
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College Transfer Overview

South Seattle College offers transfer courses that apply toward a four-year program of study. Students are encouraged to attain their associate of arts (AA) or associate of science (AS) degree at South to ease transfer to a four year institution, but students can also take individual classes for transfer. It is recommended that students confer with an advisor or counselor to ensure course transferability.

Students may be required to complete work in the college preparatory program if their records and test scores indicate a need for additional preparation in order to successfully complete a degree program. College preparatory courses are not credited to an AA or AS degree. See the Transfer Program List web page to view your options at South.

SSC Works Closely With Four-Year Institutions

South Seattle College has direct transfer agreements with the four-year schools and their branch campuses listed below. Students transferring with an AA degree will be given 90 credits towards their 180 credit baccalaureate degree. Students should work closely with an advisor or counselor to ensure that all possible degree requirements are met prior to transfer.

Bastyr College
Central Washington University
Cornish College of the Arts
Eastern Washington U.
The Evergreen State College
Gonzaga University
Heritage University
Northwest University

Pacific Lutheran University
St. Martin's College
Seattle Pacific University
Seattle University
Washington State University
Western Washington University
Whitworth College

Preparing for College

For those whose education has been interrupted or delayed, or is insufficient to achieve their current goals, preparatory courses are designed to provide skills in reading, writing and mathematics.
     º Adult Basic Education (ABE)
     º English as a Second Language (ESL)
     º GED® Test Prep
For more information, visit the Basic & Transitional Studies web page.

The pre-college English and Math courses (levels 080 and 090) brush up student's skills and prepare them for college-level courses. These classes are offered at regular tuition rates. Any enrolled student can attend most English and math labs at any of the scheduled times. The English Computer Lab has software to supplement the entire Developmental English curriculum. Students using the computer lab are assessed a lab fee. (See current fee schedule.)

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Related Instruction

Related Instruction courses fulfill general education requirements for certain professional and technical programs. Courses vary according to program, but typical courses might be MAT 110, ENG 105, 106, ICT 103 and PSY 220. Students should enroll only in class sections listed for their program. Anyone who is unsure of class choices should schedule an appointment with an advisor or counselor . Please see the Professional and Technical Education section for program requirements.

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Contact Information
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