ALL CLEAR: Nearby police activity has concluded. Campus has reopened.

Welcome to Institutional Research at South Seattle College

The mission of Institutional Research is to provide information and analytical support for college planning, reporting, management, assessment, accreditation, and decision-making.    

Our goal is to collect, organize, analyze, interpret, and disseminate information in order to help South Seattle College fulfill our mission. 

What we do: 

  • Provide information about the performance and institutional effectiveness of the college by collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting data about our students, faculty, and staff 
  • Conduct institutional surveys and provide support for others wishing to conduct surveys on the South Seattle College campus 
  • Provide support for grants at the college and district level 
  • Provide data and support for the accreditation process 
  • Provide data and support for program, course, and student assessment   
  • Respond to ad-hoc data requests from internal and external parties   
  • Track, analyze, and report measures of student success, including enrollment, retention, and completion 
  • Complete state and federal compliance reports 
  • Respond to national statistical surveys, questionnaires, and other non-routine requests for data or information 
  • Monitor demographic, economic, educational, and labor market trends