ALL CLEAR: Nearby police activity has concluded. Campus has reopened.

Please use the following form to request data from our office. This form will add your request to our queue and allow us to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. 

  • Please answer all questions as fully as possible and submit the completed form below at least 4 weeks prior to the date your request is needed.
  • Once your request is received, it will be reviewed and feedback will be provided within one week of receipt. If the request needs an in-person meeting, we will contact you to setup a meeting. Requests will be completed as soon as possible.
  • All data requests must comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines
  • Please remember that all research including Human Subjects requires review from the Institutional Review Board (IRB). Contact to inquire into the IRB process and procedures at South Seattle College.  
  • For questions regarding your requests please contact: