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Tuesday Tips for July 31, 2018

Tuesday Tips from South Seattle's Advising Team

DON'T BURN-OUT! There's only two more weeks until Summer Quarter ends. Here are “Five Common Stressors” to watch out for and tips on how to deal with them.

  • Feeling like there is too much to do and too little time? Start a check-list and complete the easiest task first, but also keep in mind your priorities and deadlines.
  • Are your family, work, finances or other external stressors keeping you from staying focused? Address these issues individually and develop a plan to minimize your stress levels.
  • Are you waiting until the last minute to do your final projects, papers and assignments? Stop procrastinating, now is the time to reevaluate your schedule, adjust your priorities and kick into gear. The SSC Tutoring Center offers Study Skills training.
  • You are not alone! Talk to a friend, a classmate or someone you trust about what's stressing you out at the moment.
  • Can't bear the stress? See one of our counselors for a personal appointment if you are having difficulty focusing, "feeling down," or have conflict in your life. Counselors are trained in career, educational and personal counseling. Make an appointment at the Information Desk in the Robert Smith Building lobby or call (206) 934-6409.

BONUS TIP: Check out and search videos and courses to manage and understand stress!

Word of the Week: Audit - Students attending classes as a listener or “auditor” without the obligation of doing the required work and without receiving credit. Tuition, however, is the same as credit classes.