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Tuesday Tips for June 12, 2018

Tuesday Tips from South Seattle's Advising Team

Don't freak out over finals — check out this great Buzzfeed article on how to beat stress when preparing for end of the quarter exams. Remember, stay healthy and take breaks!

  • Studying: While studying, remember to take a 15-minute breaks. Do something physical to stimulate your blood flow, like jumping jacks or push-ups.
  • Tutoring: If you haven’t already, now is the time to use one of our on-campus tutoring centers.
  • Sleep: Make sure you get enough sleep the night before your finals (at least 6-8 hours of sleep).
  • Anxiety and Stress: Counselors are available to help you work through anxiety or stress. Book an appointment by calling (206) 934-6409 or by visiting the Information Desk in the RSB Lobby.
  • You're Not Alone: Talk to a friend, a classmate or someone you trust about what's stressing you out at the moment.
  • Stay Focused: Is your family, work obligations, personal finances or other external stressors keeping you from staying focused? Address these issues individually and develop a plan to minimize your stress levels.

WORD OF THE WEEK – Audit: Students attending classes as a listener or “auditor” without the obligation of doing the required work and without receiving credit. Tuition, however, is the same as credit classes.