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Tuesday Tips for May 22, 2018

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Summer Quarter is right around the corner! Summer classes are a great way to get-ahead and graduate sooner. Check out these tips before deciding if a summer class is right for you!

  • Got a busy summer? Online and Hybrid courses are good alternatives to taking an in-person class. See what's available on our class schedule. Find the Summer Quarterly Calendar here to see important dates.
  • Check out the faculty portals if you want to get in touch with an instructor to learn more about a class.
  • Summer quarter is shorter than Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. You are still required to cover the same amount of material as you would during a "regular" quarter, which means classes go at a much faster pace!
  • Talk to an advisor to see if Summer Quarter classes are right for you. Make an appointment online or by phone (206) 934-5387.
  • If you are on academic probation, you must meet with a counselor before registering for classes. Call (206) 934-6409 or visit the Info Desk to make an appointment with a counselor. Find out the difference between an advisor and counselor here.
  • Don't forget Summer Quarter tuition is due on May 29 for previously registered students! See our automatic payment plan deadlines here. May 24 is the last day to enroll online for the 25% down payment for Summer Quarter.
  • Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions about summer and fall financial aid. You can find the summer aid request form here if you plan on attending this Summer Quarter.

Word of the Week: Prerequisite - Also called a "pre-req," a requirement that must be met before enrollment in a course or program.