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Tuesday Tips for November 27, 2018

Tuesday Tips from South Seattle's Advising Team

Tuesday Tips for Nov. 27, 2018

Treat your mind and body right — here are some ways to take care of both!

  • Stay healthy and well. Exercising, eating healthy and improving your sleep schedules are ways to promote healthy living.
  • Start your day with breakfast like an apple, yogurt or banana. Even small, on-the-go foods can help start your day out right.
  • Don't have time to exercise? Check-out the Fitness Center on campus between classe
  • Get study skills training from the Tutoring Center to stay focused and motivate
  • Get to know what nourishes your mind, body and soul. Can a Counselor help you sort out your stressors?
  • Tweet us your de-stressing tip @SouthSeattleCC!

Word of the Week: Counselor - Faculty with Master's degrees in counseling. They help students identify and achieve educational, career and personal goals. Make an appointment by phone 206-934-6409 or stop by the information desk in the RSB lobby.