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Tuesday Tips for November 20, 2018

Tuesday Tips from South Seattle's Advising Team

Tuesday Tips for Nov. 20, 2018

Money Matters in College: Here are some tips on saving & budgeting as a student!

  • Tuition for Winter quarter is due December 3, 2018! Take advantage of the Facts Payment Plan now by breaking up your tuition payments into manageable amounts. Enroll now through January 8; the earlier you enroll the less your initial payment will be.
  • Plan ahead and create a budget for your monthly expenses. Stick to your plans and see your monthly savings grow from pennies to dollars. Here is a thorough guide for creating a budget.
  • Save a portion of your paycheck for emergencies like car problems, medical expenses and other unexpected life events. Start a Savings Calculator to see how little changes can make a difference.
  • Let Worker Retraining (RS 81) help you pay for Professional/Technical training and gain employment! You must sign up to attend an orientation:
  • Students who demonstrate at least $3000 of Unmet Need after all other grants and scholarships have been applied qualify for Work Study. Check out the Work Study jobs available here.

Word of the Week: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) - Students receiving financial aid are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress by achieving qualitative and quantitative measurements for their funding sources. All classes a student attempts for the quarter are counted towards these measurements, including classes not covered under financial aid funding. No student receiving funding facilitated through the Financial Aid Office at South Seattle College is exempt from this policy — no exceptions