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Tuesday Tips for May 30, 2017

Office 365 Now Free for South Students

Don't Freak Over Finals! Remember to stay healthy and take breaks.

  • When studying, take a 15-minute break. Do something physical to stimulate your blood flow. Check out the Game Room or the Fitness Center! Want to suggest an intramural sport or activity? Contact Campus Recreation Coordinator Colby Keene at
  • Check out the Art Gallery! Admission is always free.
  • Check out the Club Center in JMB 142 to learn about student club events! Maybe even join a club or learn to start one!
  • Have you heard about the centers that are OPEN TO ALL students? Hang out, use a computer, study, talk to other students, and get advice from staff! Check out the Cultural CenterGender Equity Center, and AANAPISI Center. We are willing to collaborate with student clubs and other departments!
  • Use the word of the day from the most updated post to get a discount on an entree at Café Alki and Alhadeff Grill! Check out the Café Alki menu here and the Alhadeff menu here!
  • Get a tasty pastry from the pastry shop over at the PBA building!
  • If you haven’t already, now is the time to use one of our studying/tutoring centers. The Tutoring Center now offers Study Skills Training!
  • Make sure you get enough sleep the night before your finals (at least 6-8 hours of sleep).
  • Know Counselors and are available to help you work through anxiety or stress. Book by calling (206) 934-6409 or visiting the Info Desk in the RSB Lobby.


  • Need to go to work once you graduate or take a break during the Summer? Work with an Embedded Career Specialist in the WorkSource office to find a job that uses your training and strengths! We're located in RSB 79 and can help with updating your resume and fine-tuning your interview skills.

Word of the Week: Interest The fee a lender charges you for borrowing money. It's a percentage of the amount you owe that accrues and gets added to your principal balance on a regular basis. Make an appointment with a Completion Coach to get financial literacy help.