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Tuesday Tips for March 7, 2017

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Here are six de-stressing techniques to help you balance your physical, social, financial, academic and psychological health. Quick Tip: Counselors are available by appointment and are recommended when it comes to helping you manage stress. 

  • Take a 15-minute break and do something physical to stimulate your blood flow. Check out the Art GalleryGame Room, and the Gym! The Art Gallery is accepting visual arts, written pieces, as well as memorabilia from the local marches and protests. Contact South Art Gallery Coordinator Jessica Heide at
  • Get social and rely on friends and family for support during stressful times. Mark the upcoming March events on campus and come relax and meet other students at the different centers on campus (Ex: AANAPISICultural CenterGender Equity CenterVeterans Student Center, and the Student Life Lounge).
  • Don't let stress keep you from attending class. Talk to your instructor about what is troubling you in class--they are there to help and want to see you succeed.
  • Think POSITIVE! There is such a thing as healthy stress, and this type of stress can help motivate you and keep your goals top priority.
  • Hungry or need energy? Check out the different places on campus to get food and coffee!

Professional Technical Students--worried about how to pay for tuition? Let WorkForce help! Workforce is located in RSB 81. Please call with any questions: 206-934-5835 and tell your friends!

  • Individuals who are currently receiving Washington state unemployment benefits or whose unemployment benefits have been exhausted within the last 24 months are eligible!
  • In danger of becoming laid off.
  • Used to be self-employed but are no longer self-employed; displaced homemakers or individuals in jeopardy of losing employment because of lack of skills or need to upgrade skills.
  • Employment security specialists can help with your job search, unemployment questions, skills assessment, and other concerns relating to Employment Security.
  • You must sign up to attend an orientation:

Word of the Week: STEM - an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM is generally used when referring to these academic programs or fields of study. Interested in STEM fields? Join a STEM club!