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Tuesday Tips for March 28, 2017

Office 365 Now Free for South Students

Avoid getting dropped from your class before the quarter starts! Here are the top five reasons why students get dropped from courses.

  1. Tuition is not paid by the deadline. Be sure you know our Payment Policy for Tuition and Fees. Contact our Registration Department for more information. Check your schedule to be sure your tuition has been paid.
  2. Your financial aid is not ready to pay. Check the Financial Aid Portal to see your status. Check your schedule to be sure your financial aid is reflected in your amount due. Contact Financial Aid immediately if there are questions or concerns.
  3. A third party is paying for your tuition. Be sure your paperwork has been submitted to ensure it is processed in a timely matter. Questions? Contact the WorkForce Office.   
  4. Were you on a waitlist? Avoid getting dropped and pay for that class immediately once you are enrolled. Can’t get into a class? Secure a back-up plan and consider one of the great classes still open (select “show open classes only” on the top left of the link).
  5. "I forgot to pay." We get it. As a student you're juggling lots of things. Be sure to re-enroll and make it a priority to pay TODAY to ensure your spot in class and to prevent being dropped. Get on the payment plan today!
Word of the Week: ORCA card - is a transit pass that is accepted by several transit systems like King Country Metro buses and Sound Transit. Students enrolled in 10 credits or more can purchase an ORCA card at a discounted price. See the cashiers for information.