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Tuesday Tips for November 21, 2017

Office 365 Now Free for South Students

Money Matters in College: Here are some tips on how to budget and save as a student!

  • Tuition for Winter Quarter is due December 4! Take advantage of the Facts Payment Plan now by breaking up your tuition payments into manageable amounts. Enroll now through January 8; the earlier you enroll the less your initial payment will be!
  • Plan ahead and create a budget for your monthly expenses. Stick to your plans and see your monthly savings grow from pennies to dollars. Here is a thorough guide for creating a budget.
  • Save a portion of your paycheck for emergencies like car problems, medical expenses and other unexpected life events. Start a Savings Calculator to see how little changes can make a difference.
  • Let Worker Retraining (RS 81) help you pay for Professional/Technical training and gain employment! You must sign up to attend an orientation:

Word of the Week: SALT - This is an online resource for money management and financial coaching information. Make sure to select South Seattle College when you sign-up to get full free access!