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Tuesday Tips for January 31, 2017

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Here are some study tips and ways to help you earn good grades and stay on your "A" game.

  • Reward yourself! Take a 10-minute break after 30-50 minutes of studying.
  • Are you hungry? Check out Cafe Alki or Alhadeff Grill and mention the word of the day to your cashier and receive your entree of your choice for $5.00!
  • A great way to learn a concept is to explain it to a friend or someone else. A tutor is also a good listener! Drop-in tutoring is available at our Tutoring Centers, RSB 12.
  • Taking online classes and can't make it to campus for tutoring? Get online tutoring here!
  • Are you in the Prof/Tech Network Administration, Web Development, or the IT Systems Specialist programs? Visit the Geek Hauz for troubleshooting!
  • Some learners need a quiet place to study and some learn better with background noise. The library offers both environments -- book a study room or find a spot in the commons.
  • An "A" paper requires time. Make sure to revise, edit and send it to a friend for review! Or, visit our Writing Center.

Word of the Week:  AANAPISI - The AANAPISI Center (LIB 220) offers culturally competent tutors that individualize instruction, incorporating students’ ethnic and cultural backgrounds into their work. Asian American and Pacific Islander student populations are encouraged to come to our study sessions.