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Work Study Spotlight: Meet Tori Flores

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April 17, 2017

South Seattle College’s Public Information Office (PIO) is our campus loudspeaker; letting students, faculty, staff and community members know about the many excellent learning opportunities, community services, student resources and more offered at the college. This quarter we’re welcoming academic transfer student Tori Flores into the fold as our new PIO work study. Tori will be on-hand to help with South’s photography, social media, marketing and online News Center. Welcome to the team Tori!

Here’s a quick Q&A with Tori:

Q: Why were you interested in a work study position with South’s Public Information Office?
A: I hope to achieve some experience working in an office environment. Before this I primarily worked in food industry-based jobs. I felt kind of stuck in that field. This work study will allow me to branch out into different fields and try new things. With this work study, I can develop better communication skills, which are key in any career.

Q: What are your education goals?
A: My education goals for now are to complete my Associate of Science degree here at South. Then I’d like to transfer to a university to achieve a bachelor’s degree. I am still unsure what I’ll major in, but I’ll figure it out along the way. After that, I hope to be accepted into the optometry program at Pacific University in Oregon.

Q: What drew you to the field of optometry?
A: I always found eyes interesting since I was little. In my psychology class there were a few chapters on the eyes; how the eyes can take in information and transfer it into a little message for the brain fascinates me.

Q: What do you like doing outside of class?
A: Outside of class I am kind of a hippie. I love to get out of the house and go on hikes around the Pacific Northwest. I am also a huge yogi, (if you are unsure of what a yogi is, it’s just someone who practices yoga). I always enjoy food too, and I especially like to try new kinds of food from different places.