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Meet Running Start Alum Alex Zamora

Running Start Alum Alex Zamora

October 27, 2016

South Seattle College alum Alex Zamora simultaneously graduated from high school (he went to Evergreen) and college this past June as part of South’s Running Start program, where high school students earn both high school and college credits at the same time by taking college-level courses at South.

Today, you’ll find Alex in sunny Los Angeles, California attending the esteemed UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. His passion is acting, and he hopes to one day become a major film actor.

Acting first clicked for Alex his freshman year of high school when he decided to take a drama class.

"When I performed in front of the class, doing a little skit, I felt the energy; I felt a sense of euphoria," he said. "I like giving a smile to people, and what way can I do that and be happy myself? As an actor, I can express myself in whatever why I want, and not be judged for it."

His brother and mother have encouraged him to pursue his dream ever since.

Raised in Florida, Alex moved to the Seattle area during high school and decided he was ready to take on a greater challenge by joining Running Start.

"It was amazing, because I was a step ahead of the game," he said about the program. "Coming here allowed me to know what to expect in a real college life and how to schedule properly, time manage and develop as a person; allowing me to flourish."

"My advice for somebody who is thinking of doing Running Start is do it because you will benefit from it and it will definitely prepare you for college life, leadership, time management … mental toughness, responsibility and independence," he said. "It will put you a step ahead of the game, too."

Alex is of Nicaraguan descent, and a huge driving force in his passion to become a successful actor comes from what he sees today in film and television.

"I want to break the barrier of Hollywood because you don’t see too many Hispanics on television unless they are playing an obvious Hispanic role," he said. "I feel like we should expand and allow someone who is Latino to play different parts. I want to be able to break that barrier and make a name for the Latino community."

We’ll be watching for your first big break Alex, cheering you along every step of the way.

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